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YouTuber Rank Requirements and Applications


If you are a popular YouTuber with a large channel, you may be eligible for the YouTuber rank here at Deripix. The rank comes with some benefits to make recording videos on the network easier. This includes a [YOUTUBE] tag and red name to stand out when you want to be seen and and some fun perks and commands.

You can find out our requirements for our YouTuber rank and how to apply below.


Requirements for YouTube Channels
Including YouTube Live Streamers

For any YouTube channels wishing to apply for the YT rank, your channel must meet the following requirements:

  • 1,000 or more subscribers for gaming channels with regular Minecraft content.
  • 3,000 or more subscribers for gaming channels with irregular (but still some) Minecraft content.
  • A reasonable number of views per video.
  • An active YouTube channel producing original gaming content regularly.
  • Have uploaded some Minecraft related videos (not necessarily Deripix Network related).

We may also consider some smaller YouTube channels which are above 500 subscribers for another rank on the network, though we cannot give the YT rank to these channels. See the spoiler below for our reasoning on this.

If your YouTube channel meets these requirements, you can click the button below to submit an application for the YT rank on the Deripix Network.

Please note that channels meeting these requirements are still not guaranteed a rank on the Deripix Network. All ranks are decided on a case by case basis by the Deripix administration team, and we may decline to give a rank for any reason. We will only give ranks to the owners of channels, who are producing regular content for the channel.


To apply for the YT rank based on your YouTube channel, mail to support@deripix.net
Please include both your in-game name and a link to (not just name of) your channel with your email. If you have a business contact address listed on your YouTube channel, please use this email if possible as this will allow us to handle your application more quickly.​

Requirements for Streamers
Excluding YouTube streamers. Please see above requirements for YouTube.

We may sometimes also give the rank to streamers on sites such as Twitch (YouTube streamers should see the above requirements), though this is at our discretion and will depend on a variety of other factors.

While we don't currently lay out full requirements for streamers on various sites, as what we look at from site to site does vary, we do ask for all of the following as a minimum:

  • Approximately 500 or more followers (or equivalent).
    This means default, non-paid tier followers (e.g. followers rather than subscribers on Twitch).
  • An active and regular streaming schedule.
    Streaming on a regular and predictable (i.e. scheduled) basis, not on rare and unpredictable occasions. We have to review your streams when considering these ranks, so us being able to check your streams is critical.
  • Ideally, streaming Minecraft content on a frequent and regular basis.

If you choose to apply for the YT rank based on your Twitch channel, please remember to include your average concurrent viewership (you'll find this in your Twitch dashboard) and the times when you usually stream (including timezone) in your email. Please note that these applications may take longer as well as we do, in most cases, have to see several streams of yourself to verify these statistics and make a decision.

To apply for the YT rank based on your Twitch or other streaming channels (excluding YouTube), mail to support@deripix.net


Please include "YOUTUBE Rank Application - Streaming Channel" in the email subject, and include your in-game name and a link to your channel(s) (names alone are not enough) in the email.


Note on our Network Rules and YouTubers

Almost all network rules still apply to YouTubers. The YouTuber rank is likely to create a level of respect for you on our network, so please don't abuse it.

The only exception to these rules made for YouTubers is our rule on advertising social media. YouTubers are permitted to provide links to their social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc., provided it is done in a reasonable and respectful manor. YouTubers are not however permitted to advertise their own communities, such as forums, gaming servers (e.g. Minecraft) or voice servers (e.g. Discord, TeamSpeak, etc.).


Still Confused?

If you need any more assistance, a member of our staff team should be able to help. Either send them a message on the forums, email, or talk to them on the server. We will try our best to answer any questions and queries you bring to us as quickly as possible.

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