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Events Subforum Guide - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Events Subforum Guide
You may be wondering what the Deripix Events Forum is. This thread will hopefully answer this question and more.

What is the Deripix Events Subforum?
The Deripix Events subforum is a place for anyone who wishes to plan a community-hosted event can post a thread. It is also where we will pin threads that relate to any officially hosted events.

How do I Organise an Event?
It’s as simple as creating a thread and keeping up with it. That includes updating it for any recent changes to the event and updating any list you may have of others who are joining the event. Make sure you allow for plenty of time for people to find out about and join your event!

Some Things to Remember
Just remember that these events are unofficial and you should still be trying to keep your events in accordance with the server rules. We cannot and will not enforce your event’s goal for you if the game you join has other players not a part of the event. For example, if you create an event where part of it could potentially be seen as cross teaming, if you or other event participants get reported, it will have to be punished.


  • All server rules apply

All of the Deripix rules apply to threads and replies created in this section!\


  • Use common sense

Don't post events with too little information. If your event has a lot of information, try to break it up into easier to read portions.


Anything that doesn’t follow these rules is subject to removal.
Posted : 22/11/2019 9:54 am
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