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[Closed] Minigame Suggestions Format  

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Minigame Suggestions Guide
Please use this format when suggesting a minigame

Title of Minigame (Optional):
This is not necessary when suggesting a minigame, although it does help.

Overview of the Game:
Give us an idea of your game. What's the goal? How many players is it made for? How would it work in minecraft? Go into as much detail as you find fitting.

This can be videos, pictures, or anything that might give us a better idea of the minigame you're suggesting.

Possible map ideas for your Minigame:
How big should the maps be? What should these maps include?

Specific items/abilities:
This can include a shop, double jump, things of that nature.

Possible Achievements for this minigame:
Any achievements that you'd like to have included to match the minigame.

Any additional information or final notes you wish to include:
Possibly a developer's note, any final things you'd like the viewer to know.

In addition, when you post be sure to follow these rules:

1. Do not suggest something that is already on the server; Suggesting additions to already existing minigames is fine.
2. Try to be as specific as possible with your posts; the more information the better.
3. If you want to expand upon your previous post afterwards, please include the date on which you edited it.
Good luck and have fun!
Posted : 19/11/2019 6:16 pm

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