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Tips to Introduce yourself

If you are new in forum and want to introduce yourself, don't forget to check these tips! Make a good introdution and you will remembered.

Don't forget to be yourself! These are just tips, not rules.

Introduction : Tell your name, show to people how you are. Say what you want to do here, tell what you expect. Don't forget to use the correct grammar, this makes a good impression.

Structure : Tell what you like, your favorite minigame, you favorite music style, stuff like that. Make sure to be polite, if you write bad words, people will report you and they always will remember about your bad education. Tell some jokes, make funny comparations, let the guys know you are a funny person.

Final : Make a polite phrase, write a final joke or just say goodbye. Say anything you want, but don't forget to be polite.

What not to do in an Introduction: Don't advertise your youtube channel or your website, if you do, the members will think are here just to advertise, and that's not cool. Don't write all your text in the same paragraph, this makes your thread look boring and dizorganized. Don't ask opinion about your profile picture or IGN, this isn't the right place. Like i said before, never use incorrect grammar, use correct grammar, this causes a good impression.

Why Make an Introduction: If you make an introduction, people will start like you, you gonna be known. What you waiting for? Introduce yourself!

Posted : 19/11/2019 6:13 pm

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